HE-MAN Season 2

S2E1 The Cat and the Spider
S2E2 Day of the Machines 
S2E3 The Energy Beast
S2E4 Trouble in Trolla 
S2E5 Fisto’s Forest
S2E6 The Gamesman
S2E7 Betrayal of Stratos
S2E8 To Save Skeletor 
S2E9 The Great Books Mystery 
S2E10 The Rarest Gift of All 
S2E11 The Ice Age Cometh 
S2E12 Disappearing Dragons 
S2E13 The Shadow of Skeletor
S2E14 The Arena
S2E15 Island of Fear 
S2E16 Attack from Below 
S2E17 The Littlest Giant 
S2E18 Fraidy Cat 
S2E19 Just a Little Lie 
S2E20 The Rainbow Warrior 
S2E21 Things That Go Bump in the Night 
S2E22 Three on a Dare
S2E23 Into the Abyss 
S2E24 Jacob and the Widgets 
S2E25 One for All 
S2E26 Trouble’s Middle Name 
S2E27 Revenge is Never Sweet 
S2E28 A Bird in the Hand 
S2E29 Search for the Past
S2E30 Hunt for He-Man 
S2E31 The Good Shall Survive 
S2E32 Not so Blind 
S2E33 The Greatest Show on Eternia 
S2E34 Origin of the Sorceress 
S2E35 A Trip to Morainia 
S2E36 Journey to Stone City 
S2E37 Battlecat 
S2E38 The Time Wheel 
S2E39 The Secret of Grayskull
S2E40 No Job Too Small 
S2E41 The Bitter Rose
S2E42 The Gambler
S2E43 Teela’s Triumph 
S2E44 Orko’s New Friend
S2E45 The Problem with Power
S2E46 Double Trouble 
S2E47 The Eternia Flower
S2E48 Happy Birthday Roboto
S2E49 Battle of the Dragons 
S2E50 Time Doesn’t Fly 
S2E51 Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere 
S2E52 Beauty and the Beast 
S2E53 Orko’s Return 
S2E54 Visitors from Earth 
S2E55 Monster on the Mountain 
S2E56 The Magic Falls 
S2E57 Search for a Son 
S2E58 Mistaken Identity
S2E59 The Toy Maker 
S2E60 Bargain with Evil 
S2E61 Capture the Comet Keeper
S2E62 The Ancient Mirror of Avathar 
S2E63 The Games 
S2E64 To Save the Creatures 
S2E65 The Cold Zone