HE-MAN Season 1

S1E1 Diamond Ray of Disappearance 
S1E2 Teela’s Quest 
S1E3 Colossor Awakes 
S1E4 The Dragon Invasion 
S1E5 The Curse of the Spellstone 
S1E6 The Time Corridor 
S1E7 Song of Celice 
S1E8 Creatures from the Tar Swamp
S1E9 She-Demon of Phantos 
S1E10 Reign of the Monster 
S1E11 Like Father, Like Daughter 
S1E12 Disappearing Act 
S1E13 Evil-Lyn’s Plot 
S1E14 Dawn of Dragon 
S1E15 Prince Adam No More
S1E16 A Friend in Need
S1E17 Daimar the Demon
S1E18 The Dragon’s Gift 
S1E19 The Shaping Staff 
S1E20 The Cosmic Comet
S1E21 The Taking of Grayskull 
S1E22 Double Edged Sword
S1E23 Quest for He-Man 
S1E24 Orko’s Favorite Uncle
S1E25 Quest for the Sword
S1E26 A Beastly Sideshow 
S1E27 A Tale of Two Cities
S1E28 Valley of Power
S1E29 Game Plan 
S1E30 The Return of Orko’s Uncle 
S1E31 The Mystery of Man-E-Faces 
S1E32 Keeper of the Ancient Ruins 
S1E33 The Region of Ice
S1E34 Masks of Power 
S1E35 Ordeal in the Darklands
S1E36 City Beneath the Sea
S1E37 The Defection 
S1E38 Teela’s Trial
S1E39 The Starchild
S1E40 Orko’s Missing Magic 
S1E41 The Search 
S1E42 Eternal Darkness 
S1E43 The Royal Cousin 
S1E44 Return of Evil 
S1E45 Eye of the Beholder
S1E46 It’s Not My Fault 
S1E47 Trouble in Arcadia
S1E48 Castle of Heroes
S1E49 Temple of the Sun
S1E50 Wizard of Stone Mountain 
S1E51 Dree Elle’s Return 
S1E52 The Sleepers Awaken 
S1E53 Return of the Gryphon 
S1E54 The Return of Granamyr 
S1E55 Pawns of the Game Master 
S1E56 The Huntsman 
S1E57 The Remedy 
S1E58 The House of Shokoti Episode I 
S1E59 The House of Shokoti Episode II 
S1E60 The Witch and the Warrior 
S1E61 Evilseed 
S1E62 The Once and Future Duke 
S1E63 Search for the VHO 
S1E64 Golden Disks of Knowledge 
S1E65 The Heart of a Giant