Check out our exclusive NFT collection, comprising of 18 limited edition NFTs which was created by $HE-MAN for entry into the Bitrock Blockchain Hackathon 2024.

Profits made from the sale of these NFTs will be used to fund our exclusive Duck Races!

$HE-MAN NFT – Duck Races!

🏆Awesome Prizes!
XX Project Token
Min value $50USD equivalent.

Entry Requirements:
1️⃣ You must hold the He-Man NFT, specific to each race when the event is announced.
2️⃣ You must DM your intentions to enter race as there are no automatic entries. With the exception of those who mint the entire collection.

I have 2 Ducks in all races:
1️⃣ Bitter Rocker – If Bitter wins I burn the Project tokens. The $BROCK tokens are distributed equally to all other competitors.
2️⃣ Brocastonater – If Bro wins the tokens are pooled for the next race.

Duck Races will be telecast live in He-Man TG @He_man_on_Bitrock.

Mint your He-Man NFT today! – Cost is 60 $BROCK each with each card capped at 100!

NFT Collection – Mint and Project Links